Be part of a new story about how we address the climate and ecological crisis

The first global citizens' assembly that anyone on earth can join.

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How it works

Citizens gather all over the world, online and in communities.

They learn about and discuss the climate and ecological crisis.

World leaders hear their recommendations, at COP26 and in a final report in March 2022.

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Run your own Community Assembly

Calling organisers across the planet!

We've got the tools you need to run a Community Assembly in your school, workplace, neighbourhood or anywhere else - in person, or online.

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"The Global Citizens' Assembly for COP26 is a practical way of showing how we can accelerate action through solidarity and people power."

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Why this, why now?

The COP26 Climate Conference in November will shape the future of humanity.

For too long our global governance systems have struggled to tackle global challenges.

Citizens' assemblies have been proven to find solutions when politicians can't.

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