About us

The mission of the 2021 Global Assembly was to give everyone on earth a seat at the global governance table.

The vision: to create a permanent global citizens’ assembly

...that by 2030 has over 10m annual participants, is recognised in improving our ability to tackle global issues such as climate change, health and inequality, is recognised by over 50% of the global population and is mostly funded by citizens’ donations.

The history: built from the ground-up

... by a global family from over 110 countries.

Most citizens’ assemblies are top-down, initiated by governments.

The 2021 Global Assembly was independent. co-designed with institutions, scientists, citizens and social movements from around the world and built entirely from the ground-up.

Members from these four founding organisations formed the bulk of the core delivery team that steered the 2021 Global Assembly.

The 2021 Global Assembly was founded by a world-class team of specialists who have delivered hundreds of citizen engagement projects including World Wide Views for the Paris and Copenhagen COPs - the only project comparable to the Global Assembly ever undertaken.

These founding partners have worked with the United Nations, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), many governments and foundations.

These organisations were integral to delivering the Global Assembly.

They recruited the 100 community organisations from the 100 points on the globe, each where a citizen was supported to participate in the Core Assembly.

The Global Assembly has been made possible through the support of five pioneering partners. Our sincere thanks to all of them for bringing this impossible project to fruition.

  • Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation UK Branch
  • Climate Emergency Collaboration Group (CECG)
  • European Climate Foundation (ECF)
  • One Project
  • Scottish Government

Knowledge and Wisdom Committee

Global Governance and Participation Committee

Akoma Ntoso is an ancient Ghanaian adinkra symbol, directly translated as 'linked hearts'.

Akoma Ntoso symbolises the deep understanding, agreement and harmony possible when we communicate from the heart. It also represents unity; that all people are connected.

The Global Assembly has adopted this symbol for our logo in the hope is that the Global Assembly creates heart-to-heart relationships between people across the world; as when we connect at the level of our real hopes and fears, strong relationships and new possibilities emerge.

It was chosen by people involved in the evolution of the Global Assembly, including Ghanaian citizens.