People’s Declaration for the Sustainable Future of Planet Earth


Global Assembly is a first of its kind in the world, conceived to raise community voices at global level for the sustainable future of planet Earth.

We, Global Assembly Members, have been selected by a lottery process to represent the interests of the citizens.

The purpose of the People’s Declaration is to deliver a flourishing earth for all humans and other species, for all future generations.

By uniting and rallying citizens in recognising the needs of all, we can build consensus to generate community-level solutions and become decision-makers.

In recognising world leaders and decision-makers as our main audience, responsible for making high-level decisions on the climate crisis, we will demand climate action using a strategic plan to achieve an equitable and sustainable solution to the climate crisis.

Every human, regardless of background, should have a voice.

We call upon corporations, everyone who pollutes the earth, the private sector and investors to be recognised as audiences of the People’s Declaration, in order to hold them accountable for finding solutions to and implementing legal measures on the climate crisis.

People's Declaration for the Sustainable Future of Planet Earth*

01 The Paris Agreement is humanity’s best chance; it must be affirmed and enforced by all governments and people, and rigorously monitored in collaboration with citizens and grassroots mechanisms.

02 Equity must be a core focus when meeting the goals in the Paris Agreement; spreading responsibility according to the capabilities and historical contributions of countries and corporations is vital.

03 Actions on the climate crisis must be participatory, enabling people at all levels to contribute to decisions on climate, particularly groups from countries least historically responsible for and most affected by the climate crisis.

04 The right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment must be included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and protected at multiple levels of law; we should raise awareness & citizen engagement on human rights in relation to climate and the environment.

05 This Declaration is grounded in the importance of Nature having intrinsic values and rights, and in all beings on Earth forming an interconnected whole; we must protect Nature from Ecocide legally, engaging communities and establishing multiple governing bodies to enable this.

06 Education on climate change must be formally integrated, within the school syllabus and in governmental communications, and also informally disseminated through more accessible platforms, like social media, to reach as many as possible.

07 To ensure a fair and just energy transition, we must ensure that countries and people with less means are supported through a gradual change, and recognize the shared responsibility between citizens, governments and corporations in enabling it.

*This declaration has been prepared and validated by Global Assembly Members in response to the question: how can humanity address the climate and ecological crisis in a fair and effective way? An interim Declaration (v1.0) was validated on October 30, 2021 and presented to COP26 on November 1, 2021. This version (v2.0) is the final Declaration of the 2021 Global Assembly, approved on December 18, 2021.

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Explanatory Note to the People’s Declaration for the Sustainable Future of Planet Earth

The purpose of the Explanatory Note is to provide deeper insight into the evolution of each statement of the People’s Declaration, and offer elaboration on the Assembly Members’ assenting, dissenting and abstaining opinions.

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