Below are all the resources you need to run your own Community Assembly and learn about the climate and ecological crisis.

We'll add more useful tools as the Global Assembly develops.

Community Assembly Toolkit

Our step-by-step toolkit will help you plan, run and report back on your Community Assembly.

It includes tips on recruiting participants, suggested event schedules, guided activities, and more.

Download the toolkit

Information booklet

Our information booklet has been developed by world-leading, independent scientists, economists and indigenous wisdom keepers.

It explains what the climate and ecological crisis is, how it is impacting on human and non-human life, and what action could be taken.

Download Information Booklet


The Global Assembly wiki contains all of the content from the Community Assembly Toolkit and the Information Booklet.

Communities across the world will be translating these resources into multiple languages, so as many citizens as possible can use them. These translations will be openly available on our wiki.

Visit the wiki