Community Assemblies

Alongside the Core Assembly people all over the world were invited to run their own Community Assemblies.

More than 370 people registered to run an Assembly and, from the small number who submitted data, we know at least 1,300 people participated across 13 languages in 41 countries.

To support Community Assembly Organisers, the Global Assembly developed a step-by-step toolkit.

Step-by-step toolkit

A community could be a neighbourhood, a company, a school, a place of worship, a sports club or any other gathering of people who come together for a common purpose. In 2021/22 Community Assemblies took place online or in person all over the world.

The toolkit offers guidance on every aspect of running a Community Assembly, including how to recruit a diverse group of participants, activities to help them explore the climate and ecological crisis, tips on facilitating deep conversations and guidance on how to collate and feed back your Assembly's decisions.

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Learning resources

Community Assembly participants had access to the same learning resources as the Core Assembly, developed by independent experts from across the world.

These learning resources contain the most up to date science, experience and knowledge relating to climate, our changing world and possible ways forward (at November 2021).

You can download them those learning resources below.

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