Our values

  1. We build new decision-making infrastructure - We believe that people need to have a seat at the global governance table. We are establishing a new decision-making body that activates and involves as many people as possible in defining and addressing the challenges we face.

  2. We trust in people - We believe that our common global challenges require collective global solutions. When people can access the tools to meet, connect and come up with solutions together, they can and they do.

  3. We build empathy between people - We believe that we make better decisions when we understand each other. When people communicate at a fundamental level beyond opinions and debate we can overcome polarisation and division and create mutual respect.
  4. We focus on the means, not the ends - We believe the most urgent challenge we face is not to propose solutions, but to come up with better ways of generating solutions together. We seek never to impose our own views, but create a platform for people to think, talk, listen, co-create and act together.
  5. We recognize our biases - We believe that our values, experiences, contexts and identities influence our behaviours and perceptions and it is by actively surfacing and recognizing them that we can best serve others.
  6. We emphasize learning in practice - We believe that we don’t have all the answers, so we share all our findings and mistakes so that we can learn together.
  7. We are open - We believe in making available all our documentation, data, source code, methods, and materials.
  8. We are independent - We seek to understand and engage with existing power structures, while maintaining complete independence from them. Governments, funders and institutions have absolutely no influence over the process.