Cultural Wave Call for Submissions

Are you an artist that creates content about climate change, humanity & collective action?

We are crowdsourcing content to unify our efforts to change the way decision making is done. We want everyday people to be able to engage in this conversation & call to action and this can’t be done without artists. Your films, songs, and art are absolutely critical.

Support the Global Assembly by sharing with us your creative responses to this critical moment in history.

All of your work will be brought together on our cultural wave website and shared beside artists from around the world.

The only eligibility criteria is that artists must be willing to openly license their work because we want everybody to see this, hear this and learn from it.

If you need support to create, we have some limited funds for artists who are lacking resources.

Submit your content for the Global Assembly

Everyone on earth has a role to play in addressing the climate and ecological emergency.