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Contratulations! You are one of 25 organisers, selected from nearly 500 Community Assemblies, to receive $500 to support your event

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By accepting the grant, each entrant agrees to make best endeavours to:

(i) run a minimum of a one-day Community Assembly (see the session plan on p 19 of the Toolkit)

(ii) recruit a minimum of 20 participants

(iii) submit all feedback documents requested by the Global Assembly

*Please note that if you have already run your Community Assembly, and meet the criteria, you can use the grant to cover retrospective costs.

After your Community Assembly we will ask for feedback on how you spent your grant, in order to better understand the needs of Community Assembly organisers.

Your agreement

Will you commit to running a full one-day Community Assembly (see p 19 of the Toolkit for guidance)? *
Will you commit to making best endeavours to recruit 20 participants to your Community Assembly? *
Will you commit to completing the Community Assembly organiser's feedback form, and to encouraging your participants to complete the Community Assembly participant survey by 28 February 2022? *

Video and photos of your Community Assembly

In order to help tell the story of the Global Assembly, and to inspire more people to run Community Assemblies, we also ask that you record your event through photos and videos. We want you to capture the intimacy and diversity of your event.
Will you agree to record your Community Assembly through video and photos? *
*N.B. Be sure to get permission from everyone you film or photograph, and make sure you film video in landscape format


By accepting this grant, you agree for us to publish information about your Community Assembly online and in the media *
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The Global Assembly can provide spokesperson training via video or in person

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Thank you so much for your involvement in the Global Assembly.

If you have any questions, please contact communityassembly@globalassembly.org

Thank you so much for your involvement in the Global Assembly.

We will make the transfer of $500 to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact communityassembly@globalassembly.org.